Junk cars for cash in Ontario with free pickup.

We Beat All Competitor Pricing!

We buy junk and used cars in Ontario fast and pay top dollar

I already know what you’re thinking though: “How long will it take to pick up my junk car?”. You’re not alone. Many of our customers need to have their car removed as quickly as possible. Maybe it’s at an impound lot and accruing fees. Maybe the city has threatened to tow the car away if it isn’t moved immediately. Whatever the case, we always try and pick up your car as quickly as possible. Always guarantee same-day pickup, but on average most of our vehicles are picked up within 2 to 5 hours. Got a tricky schedule? Don’t worry about it. Our Mississauga Auto Scrap buyers can often pick up vehicles in the evenings, at night, or even on weekends.

We Pay More

Mississauga Auto Scrap gets you more money than all the other places that buy junk cars.

Green Vehicle Recycling

All of our junk car buyers recycle vehicles in a environmentally friendly way.

Guaranteed Cash Offers

Your offer is valid for 5 days - Shop around if you like, you'll be back.

100'S Of Raving Reviews

The only thing we crush more than cars is our competition. We're revitalizing the industry.

Title And Assistance

Mississauga Auto Scrap walks you through the whole process including how to sign over your title.

We Junk Cars Near You

Our junk car buyers cover Ontario.

Why Choose Us

At Mississauga Auto Scrap we make junking your car in Ontario easier than ever. Not only will we remove your car, but we will pay you a competitive price for it too. We can junk your car today or any other truck or van you are looking to offload. Even if your vehicle:

We can scrap your car today!

Don't Think Your Car Is Worth Anything-Think Again?

While you may be opting for car recycling because your car is no longer functioning or safe to drive-it still has value. While the exterior or interior damage may be severe, or the amount of work required to get the car or truck up and running maybe extensive, all cars have something to offer. This includes both the parts and metal that can be given a new life once recycled.

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